Kids Aid

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Emergency First Aid for Children The First Aid app empowers you as parent to have first aid information available to you anywhere, anytime.

With step-by-step instructions you will be guided to ensure your child or infant is treated immediately for the most effective results.


* An interactive interface that guides the user according to the emergency situation

* Voice guided walk-through for CPR situations

* Uses the device GPS to provide the closest hospitals to the user’s location

* South African relevant emergency numbers that calls directly from the app

* Information on possible training courses brought to you by EMT South Africa

* In depth tutorial videos on how to perform CPR and help a choking child or infant

*Emergencies covered: – Choking – Drowning – Burns – Clinical shock – Electrical shock – Cold exposure – Heat illness – Head injuries – Eye injuries – Poisoning – Fractures & dislocations – Seizures – Wounds & bleeding – Stings – Bites – Fever -Lightning Strike

*Procedures included: – CPR – Recovery position – How to evaluate and open the airway Attention: * Never forget that providing first aid does not exclude the importance of a medical practitioner

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