Our experts reviewed all the Business App of the Year submissions and have chosen the top five in each category, but we want to know from you — the user — which one you think is the best. Which of these sixty apps do you think is the most creative, innovative and user-friendly? Have a look at the nominees on the shortlist and vote for the one you think is worthy of winning a People’s Choice Award.

You stand a chance to win some amazing prizes too. You can only vote once, so make it count.

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  • Adoctus


    Adoctus is an intelligent online E-learning portal created to enhance any company training processes. It allows you to manage and monitor all employees.
  • Agri 5 App

    Agri 5 App

    The AGRI5 Commodities App is the ideal platform in assisting organizations to facilitate the development of African farmers in order to increase their meaningful participation in the agricultural sector within poultry, livestock, dairy, crop and piggery commodities.
  • Artextbook


    Bringing augmented reality as a solution for books opposed to outdated methods.
  • BirdPro


    BirdPro is the ultimate app for identifying and appreciating the birds of South Africa. It boasts the most sophisticated identification tool on the market and has a vast source of information.
  • Boardview Professional

    Boardview Professional

    Secure Mobile Meeting solution: BoardView Professional brings flexibility, efficiency and productivity to the meeting room. Effective people require up to date information at their fingertips. BoardView Professional is the essential solution for scheduling, managing and conducting paperless meetings for today's mobile executives.
  • Bottles - the Grocery and Liquor Delivery App

    Bottles - the Grocery and Liquor Delivery App

    Bottles App delivers your groceries and liquor, in partnership with Pick n Pay. It offers a same-day, as well as next-day online delivery service that offers customers an easier, more efficient way to stay safe and stocked-up on necessities without leaving their homes.
  • COVID Alert SA

    COVID Alert SA

    The COVID ALERT SA app gives you the power to slow the spread of COVID-19 in South Africa and to keep yourself, your loved ones and everyone else safe.
  • Checkers Sixty60

    Checkers Sixty60

    In less than 12 months, Checkers Sixty60 has fast become a household name thanks to its unrivalled convenience and speed of delivery. Delivering groceries to a customer within 60 minutes is no easy feat. To enable ruthless efficiency, Sixty60's team of in-store shoppers is equipped with an easy-to-use Shopper App.
  • Chow Cafe

    Chow Cafe

    Markets are places that embody community interaction and engagement. The fourways farmers market and neighborgoods market all have the following in common: high population density, very long queues and waiting times when purchasing food or buying your favourite drink.
  • Coresthetics


    Coresthetics is a personal training application that aims to assist working professionals achieve their fitness goals in the most optimal way possible. Using the best scientific algorithms and user data , it provides fitness recommendations daily on your linked devices.
  • CrimeSpotter


    The CrimeSpotter app allows users to rapidly report crime incidents and suspicious activity. Crimes are mapped and nearby users instantly notified. Providing incident awareness to all residents, security companies, CPF members and the police.


    DROPD is a social commerce platform which connects brands, influencers and consumers through interactive and entertaining shopping experiences by combining video, conversations, product auctions and easy online shopping.
  • Discovery


    Access and experience all your Discovery products wherever you are. Application features include: Discovery Health, Discovery Card, Discovery Insure, Discovery Life and Discovery Invest.
  • EasyEquities


    Low Cost, Easy Investing - Invest in shares, ETFs, Retirement Annuities Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSA) and Unit Trusts, all low cost and easily accessible in one app. - No account minimums needed, no minimum investment size and no monthly platform fee’s here.
  • Examsta


    Examsta is the first South African learning platform to focus on content-heavy subjects, like Geography and Life Sciences (Biology). As 60% of their exam tests content, learners are able to pass just by learning content. Examsta currently offers Life Sciences to Grades 10, 11 and 12.
  • Fassembly- Interactive Assembly Instructions

    Fassembly- Interactive Assembly Instructions

    Fassembly is a platform that helps consumers easily assemble their products in 3D space, using their mobile phones. It eliminates the frustration that comes with paper instruction manuals, and helps product sellers reduce operation cost of hiring assemblers, returns (sometimes damaged during assembly), and support, to name a few.
  • GeeGo Live

    GeeGo Live

    GeeGo Live is your number 1 stop for top events at your fingertips. Event promoters across SA upload their events for free. Users can search events by province and buy and also exchange tickets. Special events are live streamed on the app via the LIVE NOW page.
  • GovChat


    GovChat is South Africa's largest civic engagement platform in partnership with the South African government. Through GovChat people are able to: Report Municipal Service Requests, Rate a Government Facility, Find my Public Representative, SASSA related services, COVID19 related services, Retrieve my form references, Take a poll, Report corruption
  • Grade 12

    Grade 12

    The Grade 12 Exam Papers Answer Matric Application has been designed to make passing easier. We designed it like a Movies\TVshow styled app and to make sure all past papers are available to Grade 12 students we adding more features to make studying easier.
  • GreenFingers Mobile

    GreenFingers Mobile

    GreenFingers Mobile (GFM) is a SaaS Platform which replaces paper–and-pen farmer and agroforestry management systems, enabling agribusinesses to digitally manage and finance smallholder farmers in various value chains at scale.
  • Guardian Health

    Guardian Health

    Our solution comprises of a patient app, the paramedics app and the management portal. Patient app allows them to request ambulance, track it, input their history and prescriptions which can be sent through to the paramedics when ambulance is allocated.
  • Health Screenings

    Health Screenings

    Sensory inputs of hearing and vision during early childhood development support the achievement of optimal language, speech and educational outcomes. Which lead to socioemotional and economic well-being in adult life. These impairments are the most common developmental disabilities in children living in developing countries.
  • League of Legends Augmented Rift

    League of Legends Augmented Rift

    This is an Augmented Reality game that I created and pitched to Riot Gaming, unfortunately I did not get a response from them, but I thought this event might be a good platform to showcase it.
  • Lexie Hearing

    Lexie Hearing

    The Lexie Hearing App allows customers who have purchased a pair of Bluetooth Lexie hearing aids to customise their hearing aids to match their unique hearing profile.
  • Little Fish

    Little Fish

    A free point of sale platform that enables you to run your business, go paperless, track stock, manage your customers, manage your income and expenses and much more.
  • Livin' It Up

    Livin' It Up

    A new innovation by Capitec! Start living your best life with this unique mix of 3D home design, exciting minigames and strategy! Livin' It Up gives you the choice to play different characters, all trying to reach their dreams.
  • LocTransie


    The LocTransie App: connects parents with the child school transport system and the school; enables parents to locate the child either at school or during the transport route to school and home.
  • Matric Live

    Matric Live

    An educational app that is reinventing how students learn by delivering world-class learning experience, Matric Live is making learning contextual and visual, and not just theoretical.
  • MedsToGo


    MedsToGo delivers your prescription and chronic medication to your home or office, in a safe, contactless environment that is easy and convenient. No more pharmacy queues! Delivery available to all major areas in South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe.
  • Mr Delivery

    Mr Delivery

    Download the app now and get FREE delivery on your first app order. We are SA's favourite food delivery service, delivering food from your favourite restaurants to you, fast and hot every time. With a choice of over 1600 restaurants in 1900 areas.
  • Mukuru: Money Transfer

    Mukuru: Money Transfer

    The Mukuru: Money Transfer app helps you send money to friends and family in and around Africa and Asia.
  • Mzanzi Kids

    Mzanzi Kids

    Mzanzi kids is a pre-literacy educational App. It offers multilingual language learning for children between the ages of 2-6 years +. It is a sensory-based learning application whereby your child can learn words by looking at the image, touching the image, hearing the sound, pronunciation and repeating the activity until he or she gets it right.
  • Nedbank Money App

    Nedbank Money App

    Manage your money 24/7 with the convenient and secure new Nedbank Money app. Get quick and easy access to view your balances, make payments, buy airtime, and enjoy greater control over your banking.
  • Onli SMS

    Onli SMS

    The SMS Messenger can essentially only send and receive a plain text message – even today. The maximum size of an SMS is 160 characters – to send more characters you need multiple concatenated SMS’s.
  • Peegle Live

    Peegle Live

    Peegle Live a “broad entertainment social media platform” app that is introduced locally in South Africa. Peegle Live is breaking new ground for the evolution of social media in South Africa and Africa.
  • Phanda Ispani

    Phanda Ispani

    We have developed a platform that simplifies the job search process. Our solution consists of a mobile app, an admin dashboard, an RPA bot and an API. The app captures your user details and stores them on a remote database through an API. An RPA bot searches for job matches posted from the admin dashboard and submits your details for matches.
  • Planecrazy Game

    Planecrazy Game

    A mobile game promising endless fun! Fly your jet by tapping your screen‭. Collect as many stars as you can‭.
  • Pracker


    All in one product search, price tracking and price compare app of your favorite stores and brands. Get notifications when there is price drops on you wish list items and see when it increases
  • Rapsteady


    A rap based game created to test and build the MC skills of players. RapSteady is a random word generator that pairs words created every 15 seconds with a random track. Creativity and skill are tested 105 seconds at a time. Are you creative enough to keep up?
  • Rock Wallet

    Rock Wallet

    Rock Wallet is a place to easily buy, send and receive Bitcoin in South Africa and around the world.
  • Scan & Go

    Scan & Go

    Most of the small businesses or start-ups do not have professional business cards. Traditional methods of storing, carrying, and sharing hard copies is tiresome and cards run out. The process of making or getting business cards is often slow and a bit costly and let’s be honest.
  • ScanIn


    An App that Enables Students and Staff to: Check in & out with their smartphones, Monitor their attendance Rate, Get a hold of their timetables or work schedules online
  • SimFind


    A location-based service that utilizes geographic data and information to provide services or information to users. It can also  be used in a variety of contexts, such as health, indoor object search,entertainment, work, personal life, etc.
  • Stokfella


    StokFella is a FinTech company focusing on the +R50bn ($2.9bn) informal savings and loans club industry with 11mil members to manage their administration digitally, securely and 100% transparently.


    TECHNISHEN puts technical services on-demand by on boarding Technical support engineers for clients, users can reach technician within specified radius. TECHNISHEN certifies and vet all its technician so that customers are assured of good service when and were they need it.
  • The Dialdirect Insurance App

    The Dialdirect Insurance App

    Absolutely anyone can download the Dialdirect Insurance App and benefit from learning more about the way they drive and how they can improve their driving.
  • Xitsonga Dictionary

    Xitsonga Dictionary

    Xitsonga dictionary provides you with thousands of words translated from Xitsonga to English and much more. Our app is designed to help you learn in a fun and intuitive way, and we have gone above and beyond to provide you with accurate content.
  • Yummy Word

    Yummy Word

    It is a game that provides you with lot of letters and words to search for in those letters. For every word you fine in the letters that is also present in the given words you scratch it out.
  • Zaio


    Zaio is a gamified learning platform that teaches people how to code. We have cohorts that learn industry specific tools, frameworks and soft-skills. Through the learning journey they build real-world solutions.
  • e-LLUMIN8


    e-LLUMIN8 is a Web/App platform enabling students to purchase sections of textbooks in part or as a whole. It enables students to download and pay for only the chapters they need of the prescribed textbook at a fraction of the cost.
  • live connected

    live connected

    live connected is a family scheduling platform - parents create comprehensive schedules for their children, allocate and manger drops offs and pick ups with their chosen community members.
  • mobiPOS


    mobiPOS is a Point of Sale System for Spaza and Informal Traders in Townships. It helps shop owners to manage their shop stock levels and functionality to print receipts using Bluetooth mini Printer and allows the owner to view reports of their Sales, Inventory, Expenses and Profits.
  • panoptic sitters

    panoptic sitters

    Use the Panoptic Sitters mobile app to easily search for “household” service providers like house sitters, pet sitters, nannies, au-pair, tutors, babysitters food preparers (chef, caters), Handyman, Gardener, Car wash, Caregiver & Home-schooling.