Our experts reviewed all the Business App of the Year submissions and have chosen the top five in each category, but we want to know from you — the user — which one you think is the best. Which of these sixty apps do you think is the most creative, innovative and user-friendly? Have a look at the nominees on the shortlist and vote for the one you think is worthy of winning a People’s Choice Award.

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  • African Cyber Gaming League

    African Cyber Gaming League

    The African Cyber Gaming League app allows users to seamlessly connect to online gaming tournaments, receive instant push notifications, connect to live events and more.
  • Xander Afrikaans 1 - 50

    Xander Afrikaans 1 - 50

    An educational app for young children that allows those with some knowledge of numbers 1-50 to build on their addition and subtraction skills through simple designed specifically to support numeracy skills and increased confidence in young learners
  • Fingertalk


    FingerTalk is South Africa's first sign Language (SASL) app, providing users the ability to learn SASL on the go, send signs to friends, and test their knowledge with a fun quiz.
  • Ctrl


    Ctrl simplifies your short-term insurance and takes the hassle out of getting and comparing different quotes. Everything is done through the app at your convenience. No more call centres or heaps of paperwork for quotes and advice.
  • Moya Messenger

    Moya Messenger

    Moya Messenger is a world first #datafree messaging app. Sending and receiving text messages in Moya is completely without data costs. Users can even use Moya when they have no airtime or data balance.
  • Fast Van

    Fast Van

    Fast Van is an enterprise logistics delivery management platform, an end-to-end on demand logistics solution for every aspect of the complex delivery ecosystem.
  • Morpheus Commerce

    Morpheus Commerce

    Morpheus Mobile is a complete sales/field force automation tool for managing, scheduling & monitoring team activities in real time. Morpheus tracks and analyses activities so you can plan, execute and monitor better, leading to reliable and up-to-date data.
  • Pineapple


    Pineapple is the world’s first fully functioning decentralised insurer. This means members get back all unused premium. They see everything that is happening. And they have control over their own communities. All funds paid goes into the wallet of a member. This wallet contributes toward the claims of the community. Everything that is not used goes back to the members.
  • Absa Banking App

    Absa Banking App

    The Absa banking app enables customers to bank on the go, quickly and easily, to fit perfectly into our customers lives. Through our app our customers can perform their most frequent transactions at ease, these being checking their balances, making payments, buy prepaid products from airtime to electricity and CashSend.
  • Xander English Play 1 - 20

    Xander English Play 1 - 20

    Xander English Play is an educational app for young children that focuses on proficiency with arithmetic for numbers one through to 20. Counting and mathematics skills are developed in this app after users have mastered the basics in Xander 123.
  • Arc Hub

    Arc Hub

    The Agricultural Research Council (ARC) identified the need to develop a technology driven platform, to support farmers, experts, and advisors and to provide Farmers with useful information to be more productive and better informed.
  • Nando's


    It's finally happened. Nando's has left the coup and gone online to give you your PERi-PERi fix when you want it, where you want it and how you want it. It’s fast, intuitive and easy to use. Now you're able to get your Nando's fix, wherever you are - without having to go to a casa.
  • Cowa Bunga

    Cowa Bunga

    Cowa Bunga Last Mile focuses on applying optimisation, security, communication and intelligent client specific algorithms, to last mile supply chain. The platform; comprised of a Management Console, Driver App and embedded Customer Tracking page creates a network, linking our clients to their drivers and customers. The platform is white labelled; allowing complete configuration through detailed workshops, to apply best fit supply chain practices with each client onboarded. Marketing upsides; Cowa Bunga clients maintain full connection with their client base, while offering delivery technology that is essential to any business with a logistics function. Gathering supply chain data every 5 seconds, and taking a single order through an average of 5 delivery states, allows for our clients to gain vast insight to both their fleet and customers base.
  • Snupit


    Snupit makes it easier for millions of customers to use technology to find and hire trusted small businesses across the country. Snupit is one of the largest local services companies in South Africa offering over 600 categories ranging from handymen, to wedding caterers to maths tutors. The service was created by Snupit’s founder after he couldn’t find a particular service online after searching for several days. Today, Snupit has more than 2 million monthly users and has 350,000 local professionals and businesses listed.
  • Digemy Knowledge Partner and Besmarta

    Digemy Knowledge Partner and Besmarta

    The Digemy Knowledge Partner is a learning platform like no other in the world, created to solve some of the biggest issues in traditional education. By using a series of algorithms based on neuro-scientific research, the app creates unique learning curves for each learner based on the learner’s knowledge of the subject before they start studying. By continuously repeating the right information, at the right time, for the right learner, we are able to increase knowledge while decreasing the time spent learning.
  • Intergreatme


    Intergreatme is an identity verification platform, which supports the ecosystem of your personal information and the everyday applications thereof. Examples of this include, prepopulating application forms, FICA/RICA from your couch, visitor management in residential estates and office parks, car licence disc renewals and delivery, collections of parcels, and many more applications we envision for the future.
  • Karabo Healthcare Finder

    Karabo Healthcare Finder

    Karabo is a USSD based app that allows patients to locate healthcare facilities from their current locations and view the queue levels at those facilities allowing them to make a decision on where they could get helped quicker. The App also allows patients to view when their next appointment is or when chronic patients can come and collect their medication.
  • Zulzi


    Zulzi is a grocery delivery platform where customers can order groceries and get them delivered within an hour. To retailers and shopping malls, Zulzi provides a turnkey e-commerce solution, from logistics to payments. To brands and advertisers, Zulzi is a platform that provides them with valuable analytics for customers and also enables them to offer digital coupons to customers.
  • Playthunee


    Thunee is the most well-balanced trick-taking card game in the world. The game improves your mathematical skills and memory. Without a doubt, it is the most complex game to understand, but once you get the hang of it, you will be hooked. This is the best unknown card game in the world and we have brought it online. Our game boasts single player, 2 Player, 4 Player, Leagues, Prize Pools, and Tournaments. Social Engine developed Playthunee to be as close to the real game, so it's the only game in the world that allows cheating and calling out cheaters. With over 10 000 registered players spending over an hour a day on average, you are guaranteed to find an online opponent at any time of the day. Our players come from over 40 countries.
  • AtCampus


    AtCampus is a student one-click access to unlimited deals and opportunities. An online student community to save and make money, find and share opportunities. One-click to find student accommodation, student part-time jobs and internships, buy and sell items including but not limited to textbooks, stationery, electronic gadgets, homeware. For over 2 million students in South Africa and 200 million globally. AtCampus aim to give students a solution to explore everything they need on their student journey on a click away from their mobile. With great features that promote efficiency for maximum user experience, affordable exchange and safety.
  • For Food's Sake

    For Food's Sake

    The For Food's Sake app is a convenient fresh and healthy food service for middle and upper class market. Catering for families - freshly prepared family meals, kids school lunches, corporate lunches, healthy snacks and calorie counted meals - A menu that fits your lifestyle weight goals to match the exact amount of calories you need for breakfast lunch and dinner to reach those goals. Request your meals today or weeks in advanced and plan out your meal plan as we prepare the fresh meal for that requested day and dispatch it to a dispensary near you, where you can pickup or have it delivered to your door. We alert you every step of the way from pending, preparation and delivering. So you can track your meals in real time so you can relax and simply put the food on the table without spending hours in the kitchen.
  • Gradesmatch


    Gradesmatch is a platform-based technology that is designed to map career data to learners, parents and teachers/mentors to help them make effective career decision to improve long term education and career outcomes for high school learners. As an easily accessible, personalised system, Gradesmatch is primarily designed to assists high school learners (Grade 8 -12) with critical information pertaining to subject choices, higher learning institutions (HLIs) and financial aid information.
  • FNB Banking App

    FNB Banking App

    Experience the future of helpful innovation, FNB App remains ahead of the curve and is the easiest way to bank. The latest app is packed with innovative features that help you switch with a selfie, manage your finances and get more "how to" information. We are first in SA banking to uses biometrics to authenticate customers when opening an account via the app or even linking the latest app, making these processes quicker and more convenient for our customers.
  • iTrolley


    iTrolley is an intelligent trolley solution with a touch screen attached to the handle of the airport trolley to display information to the airport commuters. It serves as a marketing platform, flight information guidance, foreign exchange portal and a navigation system at international airports and mega malls for the retail stores inside for the purpose of real time location. Real time location is integral with augmented reality for advanced advertising of items based on shops you pass by.
  • Bantu Words

    Bantu Words

    Bantu Words is a crossword puzzle in Sepedi, isiZulu, Tsonga, Xhosa, Tswana, Venda, isiNdebele and Shona. The app is easy to use for all ages and ethnicity groups. The sole purpose of this app is to preserve African languages in the digital space for future generations to identify and embrace their African heritage.
  • Fruit-full


    Welcome to the whole new world of Fruit-Full. In version 2 there are many amazing updates to make your gaming and learning experience more, well, Fruit-Full. Join Tru-Cape as you learn all about fruit farming in the South African Cape. Grow your orchards, harvest your fruit and move through the various processes that ensure quality fruit ready to eat.
  • Centricity


    Helps Businesses execute their digital transformation journey by enabling them to self-digitize their processes in a no code, non-prescriptive manner and executing them on web and mobile.
  • Shareopps


    ShareOpps is a new app created by 3 female engineers from UP and WomEng which centralises opportunities (bursaries, exchange programs, vacation work/internships, youth exchange programs, university application, academic competitions, conferences, etc) for secondary students, tertiary students and young professionals.
  • Earn as you grow

    Earn as you grow

    Earn as you grow is a platform created to support, educate, reward, & enable small scale farmers to successfully raise and deliver world class sustainable crop - to supply global companies like Tobasco whilst these global companies ensure their social impact score increases and their product remains at the highest quality and 100% traceable.
  • FarmRanger App

    FarmRanger App

    The FarmRanger app works along with FarmRanger's livestock security collars. The app shows updated location of livestock. In the event of livestock theft or predator attacks, the farmer is alerted via the app, and can track their animals on the app.
  • InstantSchoolApp


    InstantSchoolApp allows free, effective and safe 2-way communication between schools and parents.


    BUTiFi is an on-location beauty and wellness platform that gives the client the freedom to choose highly skilled and trained beauty and wellness professionals based on the clients needs and budget.
  • ASI Snakes

    ASI Snakes

    The ASI Snakes app provides free information about Southern African snakes, first aid for snakebite, a searchable and geolocated database of qualified nearby snake catchers, and more.
  • 3D Joint ROM

    3D Joint ROM

    3D Joint ROM is a South African developed product which uses proprietary bluetooth sensor technology to measure Range of Motion (ROM) for joints and convert them into 3D models. The technology allows you to attach a 3D model of the movement / body to a patient eHealth record allowing clinicians to measure rehabilitation progress and ultimately allow insurers to price risk more effectively. One of the key features of our technology is our ability to measure joint angles from a variety of starting positions at incredibly high speed through our proprietary software and sensor interface.
  • Mr D Food

    Mr D Food

    Mr D is SA’s favourite food delivery service, delivering food from your favourite restaurants to you, fast and hot every time. With a choice of over 1600 restaurants in 1900 areas. Get regular special offers from our partner restaurants and from Mr D Food. Find local favourite restaurants near you, no matter where you are. Save multiple locations to get your favourite food delivered to your work or home. With the app you can track every stage of the order.
  • Bestee


    The world's fastest and only offline virtual assistant. Unlike others, she uses complex machine learning algorithms to compute directly on your Android device. Bestee completely out-performs other virtual assistants. While they take a few seconds to respond, she is literally instant. What is more - unlike other virtual assistants - she works offline; saving you money and protecting your privacy. She's always there for you, wherever you go.
  • Aeroview Scout

    Aeroview Scout

    Aeroview Scout allows farmers to walk their fields capturing data on the ground to better track pest and disease. Aerial imagery (from drone and satellite) are integrated into the app - meaning that farmers can now target specific trees, and focus on the areas that matter, rather than scouting blindly and in a non-data driven manner. The app syncs data when online but allows users to take notes in the field without an internet connection.
  • Difela Hymns

    Difela Hymns

    Difela Hymns app is a collection of hymns from the Lifela Tsa Sione Hymn book (Sesotho) as well as Amaqculo a se Wesile Hymn book (Xhosa). The goal of the app, is more than having your beloved hymn book in your pocket, its about democratising the web by digitizing artefacts central to African languages. This will form a base where machine learning could be applied as the data sets of African languages will be multiplied.
  • MyStylist App

    MyStylist App

    MyStylist App provides style and fashion advice that would otherwise be provided by an in-person stylist interaction. This is done by connecting worldwide customers with professional stylists to give them advice on their current wardrobe as well as refer them to our partner boutiques to purchase enhancing pieces for their wardrobe they can’t find anywhere else.
  • Khula!


    Khula! is a supply chain solution for emerging farmers connect them directly to the formal marketplace. Khula creates one big virtual farm consisting of multiple emerging farms to crowd-source and deliver on bulk orders from supermarkets, restuarant chains and home delivery. The full suite of the software includes an e-commerce web platform where clients place orders to farmers, and an uber-type logistics solution allowing independent contractors to complete deliveries.
  • dbTrack


    dbTrack certified earphones and mobile application allows you to listen to music via a safe, high quality earphone that monitor/tracks the exact sound exposure in your ear, in real-time. The dbTrack app calculates accurate sound dose per day and per week, adjusts sound to a safe level and provides detailed historical information to track listening habits. It guides you on safe durations of listening time tailored to your music preferences, allowing you to take control of your listening experience for safe, lifelong enjoyment of your music!
  • Tell A Buddy

    Tell A Buddy

    This life-counselling app is discreet; where anonymity is constantly upheld regarding your emotional feelings and information shared. Get professional help in an easy convenient manner. You’re not alone, there are ways to get through any situation you’re facing. Take that first step towards your emotional wellbeing. Find what works for you, and the motivation to continue forward will come.
  • Slide


    Slide is a payments app that allows you to send money to your friends and family quickly, securely and for free. The app integrates with the contacts in your phone, meaning that you can send your friends money without knowing their bank details. Money is drawn from your bank into the Slide app using instant EFT or card, and is stored in your Slide wallet. Your money can easily be withdrawn back into your bank account with one click. Payments arrive instantly, and you can pay friends with or without the Slide app.
  • Stokfella


    StokFella allows group social savings clubs to transact and manage their funds 100% transparent, convenient and cashless. Through the app, members can manage their payments, claims and meetings while having access to competitive returns and economic opportunity to increase their wealth.
  • Kenai


    Kenai gives corporates the ability to securely manage the flow of workers and visitors at their premises by using the latest facial recognition technology as a biometric. Kenai is currently installed at Accenture, Citiq (student residence), RCS, Nedbank and Bigen. Further targeted deployments include the mining sector, construction sector and any businesses with large temporary work forces that are difficult to track with traditional biometric technology.
  • Lemonpay


    LemonPay endorses cashless environments and is a App to assist Schools in going cashless, we allow parents to conveniently pay for any School Fees, Events or Donations with the click of a button to reduce the risk for Students and Schools alike.